Catalinbread Introduces New Versatile 'Dirty Little Secret' Red MKIII Guitar Pedal

Catalinbread has just unveiled its latest addition to its arsenal of effects with the Dirty Little Secret Red MKIII guitar pedal. The new music accessory from the company is engineered to transform your amplifier and rev up your every performance, as well as provide classic Marshall amp guitar tones. This compact gadget can serve to be the groundwork of your pedal board, so you can achieve your sound whether you’re at a show or a jam session.

Similar to its predecessor, Dirty Little secret Red has the same switches as the MKIII, but with a much more improved tone and gain. Users who get their hands on this item can easily control the distortion level of sound no matter how high the master volume is. Read on to learn about more of this handy accessory's features.

Similar to the previous version of the MKIII, DLS Red has the same five controls:

  • Master volume – Needless to say, this regulates the pedal’s volume. It’s recommended to set the master volume so that the DLS’ sound will be a tad louder than the skirted sound.
  • Treble – This controls the high frequency tones in relation to the middle and bass frequencies. It blends between the treble side, and bass or middle side.
  • Bass – This knob is used to increase or decrease the lower frequencies. Rotate clockwise for higher bass, and vice versa for lower level.
  • Middle – of course, the middle knob is in charge of the mid frequencies of the sound. This frequency provides the dynamism to your guitar’s sound.
  • Pre-amp – This adjusts the sound’s overdrive. Turning it clockwise increases gain, thus the better you’ll be able to set the bass knob.

DLS Red also features two modes called the “Super Lead” and the “Super Bass," which can both be controlled be toggled by switches internally by unscrewing the base. The Super Lead mode provides a wider gain and control over the instrument's tone, while also offering high gain rock tones. On the other hand, Super Bass mode gives a lower gain crunch with light to medium gain sounds, allowing for moderately fuzzy sound.

Catalinbread's latest release features a presence trim pot that’s found underneath the bottom plate to allow users to tweak the overall high-frequency response and refine the high treble frequency coming from the pedal. Its default factory setting is programmed to produce the most optimal tone in most conditions.

Dirty Little Secret is also quite manageable with its dimensions measuring at 2.36” width, 4.33” height, 1.96” depth and weighs less than half a pound for convenient portability.

Don't miss out on Catalinbread's newest release and experience the versatility of their “always on” pedal.