5 Easy Steps for Writing a Tune


Great songs are moving and memorable. They are what makes everyone feel connected, transcending through language barriers, race, religion and more. Connect with anyone through your music with the perfect tune- in these five easy steps. 

Start With a Scale

Choose a scale and utilize it to create a new string of notes. Begin with a short combination and mix and match rhythms and orders until you find connections that catch your ears. Skips or leaps help you set intervals that are visible when you play two notes after another.

Come Up With A Title, Theme & Feel

Begin with a theme, title, and feel of the song you want to compose. Deciding these three factors, and narrowing down your style, will help you focus on your goal. Not sure where to start or how to decide? Begin by creating a title with one to six words that sum up your thoughts.

Use All Types of Chords

Never limit yourself. Combine major, minor, dominant, diminished, and augmented chords to make more exciting and complex sounds. Although you need to choose a scale, switching up  chords gives you a broad option to play a good tune.

Record Spontaneous Ideas

Have you ever been on a walk, or in the shower, and suddenly a great melody comes to mind? Make sure to record these moments before they get lost. Use your cell phone, or a pen and paper if you’re old-school. There’s nothing worse for a songwriter than to forget what they came up with.

Identify Your Song’s Structure

Besides going over the technicalities, you should also establish your song’s structure. A common format looks like this: Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus. Once a listener hears it, the chorus must be recognizable, but the verse melodies should tie up stupendously with it.

Once your song is complete, you’re ready to record! Make sure your equipment is up to date first. Grab the latest, at their best prices here at Photo Savings