Why You Have To Put Your Music on TikTok

Here’s the deal: If theres one piece of advice we could give you in 2022, it would be to get your music on TikTok. It’s the best way to success, and it’s not a secret.

Gone are the days when you need to audition and knock on the doors of music agencies. Nowadays, to make it big, you need to show off your talent on social media. One of the hottest platforms for new artists today is the short-form video site TikTok. 


#1: Original Posts Perform Well

You can film yourself while singing and upload it on TikTok, but do you know what’s more interesting? How about putting your music on the platform as a background? True, it may take a lot of hard work but below are the reasons that could motivate you to start searching for how to upload music on TikTok.

#2: Growth of the Platform

TikTok has more than 689 million monthly users worldwide, so it’s the best way to get your music across to potential fans and producers. If you successfully have your song on the TikTok distribution, anyone can use it for their own videos. The app is designed to reach as many people as possible who may be interested in what you have to say, so building a following is almost guaranteed to happen, and fast. 

#3: TikTok Pays Artists

If you’re looking for extra income through your passion for music, then TikTok can help you with that. TikTok offers to pay royalties on the sounds and songs used by users. If your music goes viral, that could shoot you to stardom, and people will search your name. Don’t forget to look for the best TikTok music distribution for a helping hand.

#4: Free Marketing

TikTok can easily be used as a place to market yourself for free. You will not be forced to pay high advertising prices in order to see results, unlike most other social media platforms. Take your talent up a notch and create your TikTok videos by recording yourself in a home studio playing your original compositions, and let the magic of the platform help you take off. If your video catches users’ attention, you’ll create a fan-base in no time!

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