Top 5 Summer Concert Venues


Summertime, across the world and for most music lovers, is a time to attend live music shows outdoors. Throughout the summer of 2022, we noted the good and the bad at every outdoor venue we visited. WIth that, we put together a list of the top 5 best outdoor venues across the U.S. 

We reminisce on Idyllic natural surroundings, legendary venues, stunning landscapes, and a dreamy atmosphere. Are you ready to soak in the warm breeze and harmonic sounds?

Red Rocks Amphitheater (Colorado)

The venue’s scenic sandstone slab is what draws people to jam with live bands. It is located in Morrison and has been a favorite of both performers and attendees ever since 1906. During the early 20th century, it had a temporary stage, while the amphitheater itself opened in 1941. Although you can see the vast landscape, the Red Rocks Amphitheater is actually smaller than other summer concert venues, with only 9,500 seats. Nevertheless, it boasts a cinematic surrounding that covers 738 acres. It is one historical site as the Red Rocks park, including the amphitheater, was named a National Historic Landmark in 2015.

Hollywood Bowl (California)

The glitz and glamor of famous celebrities aren’t the only things that make visitors explore this part of Los Angeles. Opening its doors in the 1920s, Hollywood Bowl has always been an iconic outdoor concert venue showing off beautiful shell designs on stage, providing colorful aesthetics and fine-tune music. Thanks to the 1960s performance of legendary rock band, The Beatles, Hollywood Bowl exploded with fame and became a sought-after venue for acts around the world. Fred Astaire, Tina Turner, and Aretha Franklin also performed in this legendary place.

Gorge Amphitheater (Washington)

Looking for one of the best outdoor concert venues in the U.S.? Well, you can’t pass up the Gorge Amphitheatre, that’s recognized around the world as one of the best outdoor music scenes. It’s settled near the Columbia River with the Cascade Mountains in the background. You can just imagine the more than 20,000 visitors jamming and singing together to a live band. Oh, how exciting!

Ascend Amphitheater (Nashville)

Nashville isn’t known for its nickname “Music City” without history’s backing. The beautiful city gave birth to the careers of popular country musicians, and those who aspire to go big in the music industry start here. Ascend Amphitheater is located along the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee. What makes it stand out is how you can lounge around an expansive lawn area and relax while listening to music.

Ravinia Park Pavilion (Illinois)

Ravinia Park is known as America’s oldest outdoor music festival. In 1905, Ravinia Park hosted its first event, the 3,400-seat pavilion, as the main stage. It boasts traditional seats and lawn seating's with wooded landscapes. You can hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra while having a family picnic in the area. Other musicians also perform in the pavilion, so you can enjoy some jazz, pop, blues, folk, and even rock music in summer.

Have you visited any of these venues yet? Tell us about your favorite place in the comments!