Top 5 Live Performance Essentials

Top 5 Live Performance Essentials

By Melissa Ann Buhia and Jessica McMahon

What makes a good live performance differ from one stage to another? Musicians see it as one of the most satisfying achievements in their careers. Connecting with people and showing their talents are the two things that fulfill a live audience. We know you have the same thought as an artist yourself. Nonetheless, you can’t do a fantastic set without the right pieces of equipment. 

Premium Microphones        

This may be obvious, but microphones are critical components of a live show. The entire sound quality of your show depends on the mics you’re using. This Aston Microphone has broadcast quality and is a revolutionary microphone that can handle studio and live performance. It has a feature of four switchable voices that are fitting for any stage production. 

Moreover, the CAD Audio D89 Premium is a dynamic instrument microphone versatile for any instrument like drums, guitar cabs, brass, and strings. These are the new breed of microphones that offers advanced technology without putting a hole in your pocket.

Powerful Amplifiers

If you want to make your performance entertaining, you need a powerful amplifier that can help you boost your mixer’s output. Live sounds are tricky sometimes because there are technical errors beyond your control, unlike home studio recordings. That's why you can’t settle for bad amplifiers.

One of our favorites is the classic Fender Acoustic 100 Guitar Amplifier. Its specially designed wood shell complements the acoustic guitar’s form and voice. The perfect portable system for solo performances. No live performances are complete without an outstanding amplifier like this.

Long Cables

What's a live set-up without cables? Your best bet is getting flexible and road-reliable lines with thick gauges. They should be long and resilient, ready for any stage size. This  Fender Professional 10’ Microphone Cable boasts a genius feature where its body can avoid twisting, kinking, or any problem. It’s no surprise musicians prefer the beloved and reliable Fenders’. 

Awesome Distortion Pedals

Turning sound into something new is incredible, and that’s what a distortion pedal can do. If you want to give your music a unique sound on the spot, this is the equipment needed for a live acoustic performance. Get the Danelectro Roebuck Distortion Pedal to add a different flavor to your shows.

Mood-setting Lights

What’s a performance without mood-setting lights? You can count on ADJ Products Led wash and B, G, R Laser Effect Light to create the perfect setting. Add entertainment to your performance and stop playing in the dark.


To learn more about the perfect stage performance set-up, head over to our YouTube channel! 


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