Top 5 Favorite Audio Software Programs of 2022

DJs, podcasters, video editors, and even TikTokers use audio software programs that amp up their audio output. Curious about what they are using? You can also edit like a pro with our top 5 favorite audio software programs.

The process of editing is a tedious task, so a reliable software program can help you make it easy. You don’t have to worry even if you’re a beginner. These programs are user-friendly with extensive effects and editing tools. Here are the best audio editing software programs for pc.

Best for Music Production: Auto-Tune EFX3 Pitch Correction Software

Auto-tuning is the process of editing the wavering pitch and tone of voice of a singer. It can make a voice sound pleasant without compromising the emotional value of the performance. You can count on Auto-Tune EFX3 because of its quick and easy-to-use tool that promises real-time pitch correction and emphasizes the iconic Auto-Tune Vocal Effect.

Best for Scoring: DAC Dorico Retail

One of the best out there is the DAC Dorico Retail. Dubbed “The Future of Scoring”, it’s the advanced scoring software made for 21st-century music. Writing, printing, and playing back music notation to high professional standards. You will discover a masterpiece that won’t go out of style for decades.

Best for Selling Music: 5-Year Subscription For Noteflight

Noteflight lets you create professional quality scores with its online notation editor. Aspiring musicians and professionals alike cannot miss out on this fantastic audio software program. You can have customizable and easy-to-use software anywhere you are on any device. The 5-year subscription allows you to create, teach, share, sell and purchase music on one astounding platform!

Best for Mixing: ACID Pro 7

Are you looking for fully-fledged DAW software? The ACID Pro 7 is a DAW powerhouse that blends mixing and full multitrack recording. It also hosts MIDI sequencing and flawless looping functions. It's software that removes typical barriers so you can unleash your creativity non-stop.

Best for Podcast: Presonus AudioBox GO Ultra-compact, mobile 2x2 USB audio interface

Podcasters are in for a treat with the Presonus AudioBox GO Ultra-compact, mobile 2x2 USB audio interface! It’s a handy and simple recording that allows you plug-ins and lets you start right away. It’s the right size for mobile recording, road-worthy, and world-class recording software.

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