How to Soundproof Your Space to Record Anywhere


Soundproofing your space to record anywhere is easier than you think. You can soundproof any room with some DIY on the walls, floors, and ceiling. Sound-proofing isn’t just about being a good neighbor. Audio quality can actually be improved by a sound-proof space because of the sound waves that bounce back and forth in the walls of a room. 

Outside noises are significant factors to low quality audio. Soundproofing actually helps to block exterior noise from entering your room. Meanwhile, absorption and diffusion techniques help dampen space noise, but that’s another story.

For today, let’s see how you can soundproof your space.

Choose A Room With No Windows

Soundproofing is easier without windows where outside noises can enter breezily. If all of your rooms have windows, try storage rooms, closets, or cars. Most cars nowadays have built-in soundproofing to minimize road noise distractions.

Buy Soundproofing Foam

You can find a lot of cheap soundproofing foam online or in stores as many people are trying their hands on podcasting, streaming, and recording their original compositions. Try looking on Amazon, where there is a variety of soundproofing foam in different colors.

Hang Acoustic Panels

Although it’s expensive, acoustic panels are excellent for preventing unwanted noises from entering your space. It absorbs the outside noises while retaining the noise inside a room, and you can use them as art decor in your apartment too. They’re lightweight, so acoustic panels are easier to manage and come in different colors.

Add Area Rugs

Mass the sounds from your neighbor below in your apartment with thick area rugs. You can also add a pad under a carpet to have double soundproofing on your floors.

Use The Best Microphone And Recording Equipment

Choose a microphone and recording equipment that has the noise-canceling feature. There’s no point in buying the panels, rugs, foam, and even thick curtains if your pieces of equipment are below quality. No matter how soundproof your room is, your outcome will still sound cheap if you have a crappy microphone, so better purchase the best one on the market. This is an easy trick for a high-quality recording.

Soundproof Anywhere

Do you know what the cheapest way to soundproof anywhere is? Simply put a thick blanket over your head while recording in a microphone. It may sound silly, but that will block out outside noises effectively. Of course, you should be in the quietest room possible because it won’t work if you’re in a busy street.

Soundproofing is more accessible now because of cheap alternatives, unlike before when you must reconstruct a room to build a thicker wall. Now that you know how to record smoothly, you are ready to record whenever inspiration hits you.