How To Record Band Instruments at Home


So you want to unleash the Rockstar within you, huh? Whether you’ve never recorded at home before, or you’re a professional looking to brush up on the basics, recording band instruments at home is easy enough, when you have the right pieces of equipment.

Preparing to record a band in a home studio should not break the bank, but of course, it shouldn’t compromise the quality either. Here’s what we suggest to start with:

Save Up On The Audio Interface

Your computer needs direct access to the sound of your instruments, and this is where the audio interface comes in. Most audio interfaces use USB, which allows you to connect an electronic-based instrument such as a keyboard, electric bass or guitar, and a microphone. You can choose an audio interface with a built-in mixer, onboard audio effects, and a professional mic preamp like the PreSonus USB Audio Interface.

Know Your Microphones

Moving coil dynamic, capacitor (also called the condenser), and ribbon are the basic types of microphones. They might all do a good job in converting sounds into electrical signals, but they still have their own applications. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Moving coil dynamic - Best for recording electric guitars, drums, brass instruments, and vocals. This is popular for live sounds, but they are inefficient with frequencies above 16kHz.
  • Capacitor - Many love this with studio recording as it can take high audio frequencies than a moving coil dynamic. You don’t need phantom power for this one as it has its own external high voltage power supply.
  • Ribbon - This type of microphone is popular for particular vocal styles and drum overheads that need a smoother-sounding high-end. The downside of a ribbon mic is that it produces a very low electrical output and is less robust than a moving coil dynamic and capacitor.

Explore An Extensive Recording Software (Daw)

There’s an extensive selection of recording software from lite packages to pro-set-up products that are compatible with macOS and Windows. If you’re a beginner in recording software, we recommend you use the same as your friends so you can have a knowledgeable pal when it comes to navigating it. However, if you don’t have any friends with DAW equipment, you can choose from these different products.

Recording your band instruments at home may seem like a daunting task. Nonetheless, with the right recording equipment and a bit more practice, you can have smooth band audio in no time.