How To Protect Your Guitar From Heat in The Summer

The summer heat is waving again, and your guitar is at risk of getting damaged. It's also a time for summer gigs and traveling, so keep these tips in mind to keep your acoustic lover safe and sound.

Don't Leave Your Guitar In A Hot Place

Treat your string instrument as a pet. Whether in a car, room, or outside, if you think a pet wouldn't survive from the heat in that place, then your guitar wouldn't either. Too much heat can cause cracking. It is also the culprit for making your guitar's wood glues soften, making the tops buckle and lift. In extreme cases, your guitar's components will break loose and separate. If you can't help but keep your guitar in your car, find a shady spot to park in.

Use Complex Shell Cases For Travel

You should invest in a hard shell case if you want to keep your guitar in good condition while traveling. Yes, gig bags are comfortable to carry around (and handy, too) but they can cause some problems, especially if you're heading to lower or higher humidity than where you came from. A gig bag is typically made of vinyl or plastic resin material, which absorbs and retains heat, thus damaging your guitar in the long run. Meanwhile, a hard shell protects your guitar from humidity and a harsh environment. It won't retain heat, so you know your guitar's components won't soften or break from the hot weather.

Clean Your Guitar and Change Strings Regularly

Whether you like it or not, warm weather can take a toll on your guitar, so better do a maintenance check every so often. Always clean your guitar and make sure each component is still intact. Furthermore, you should change your strings once in a while to avoid broken strings in the middle of a performance

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