How to Monetize Your Skills as a Musical Artist

So your passion for music is overflowing, but you don’t know how to take the plunge into making it your full time job. You might think that the music industry is cutthroat and that getting your foot on the door will lead to nowhere. You don’t need to knock on every recording company out there because you can make your passion livable on your own.

It’s a blessing we live in the digital era because you can make money as a musician online. Here are some of the best and easiest ways to monetize your skills as an artist.


Create a YouTube Account

One of the go-to places for music and video streams is YouTube. It’s mind-blowing how many musicians are discovered on this platform, especially when you create a fanbase for yourself. Famous singers like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Cody Simpson, Charlie Puth, Alessia Cara, and Carly Rae Jepsen were discovered on YouTube. Simply go to the social media platform and create a channel for free.


Search For A Digital Distribution Network For Streaming Royalties

You need a distribution network before you think about hearing your songs on Spotify or Apple Music. The latter is your middle man to get your music distributed on powerful streaming service platforms and helps you collect your royalties. A network can help you prepare, promote, and sell your music to a newbie artist, so choosing the best digital distribution network should be a top priority. You can pick one from Landr, TuneCore, CD Baby, and Amuse as the most popular among musical artists.


Make Demos For Other Musicians

Making demos will not only make your skills known but also connect with other musicians that are established. Put your home recording studio to work, and earning an extra $200 to $400 isn’t a bad side gig. Eventually, the right people will hear your demo from these musicians and gets you a contract signed.


Sell Digital Downloads On A Community Platform

Besides royalty income, you can profit directly from your music sales with available digital downloads. Upload your recordings to a community platform or website, and when a user downloads your song, the money goes straight to your account. More so, joining a community platform means you get to know a new set of fans who are there to discover new songs and artists.


Earn From Music Licensing Services

Let other people use your music for a fee. Basically, it’s selling the license of your song and generating profit from it. Try out Epidemic Sound, LuckStock, and Music Vine to start selling your recordings.

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