Foolproof Tricks to Make and Edit Your Videos Perfectly

by: Miley Dowing

Videos are becoming a necessity and an everyday part of life. Since the human brain is wired to engage in storytelling, video is a great way to communicate. You also get to connect emotionally with your audience. Connecting to prospects and buyers in business can stimulate emotions leading to sales.

Whether you are developing marketing videos for products or creating brand videos for new employees, you need high-quality content. Follow these foolproof tricks to help you make and edit your videos perfectly. 

Invest In the Right Tools

Thanks to technology, many people now have high-quality video cameras at their disposal. Prioritize lighting, sound, and stability to get high-quality videos. You will also need a tripod, a simple ring light, a headset, or a Bluetooth mic. 

There are many video editing software on the market. Choose the ones that suit you and the task at hand. While some center around social media posts, others focus on long videos for elaborate events. Video editing is a seamless process if you have the right tools in place.


Define Your Target Audience

Videos are not meant for you but for your target audience. When creating and editing videos, have your audience in mind. Establish their interests and what problem you are solving for them. Once you clarify your audience, you will get the direction of your videos. 

Defining your audience works and applies whether you create a personal family video, wedding, or professional video for marketing purposes. Also, interrogate the goal you seek to achieve with your content. What action do you expect from your audience after they watch your video? Working with a goal in mind is always a game changer. 


Outline Your Scripts and Stories

The modern consumer seems to prioritize authenticity above anything else. However, it is crucial to have a storyboard to help visualize your video before recording. An outline will help refine the message you intend to convey and consider the flow of your narrative. 

Storyboards are not cast on stone and do not need to be highly detailed but are meant as guides only. The process is very helpful as it creates talking points, which keeps your video on point. Creating a storyboard also minimizes edits, reshoots, and redeems time. This greatly improves your ROI and resource allocation. You can draft storyboards using an app or on paper. 


Prioritize Sound, Stability, and Lighting

Technology accessibility is one of the major advantages modern video marketing enjoys. Smartphones come with good quality cameras, complete with a mic! Since not all problems are editable after recording, it is crucial to ensure you capture high-quality visuals at the point of recording. 

Consider the sound, stability, and lighting of every video you shoot. To improve the stability and lighting, use a tripod and ring light. You may need to be mindful of harsh shadows, wind, and the ambient noise of your shooting location, among other environmental factors. 


Add Subtitles 

Studies reveal that about 69 percent of viewers watch videos without sound. Adding subtitles increases your reach and engagement with potential audiences and clients. 

Customers, investors, and potential employees value products that prioritize inclusion and accessibility. Having subtitles on your video content also improves SEO on search engines and video platforms like YouTube. Though Google cannot view a video, it reads the subtitles for keywords. 

Strategic Cuts

Be strategic with your cuts when creating videos, as timing is everything! Minimize your timeline to maximize engagement. Use cuts to set your video tone. 


Like any other art, consistent practice is the only way to perfect your making and editing videos. With the tips above and constant trials, you will create compelling videos that will help you increase engagement, trust, and your brand reach.