Electronic Keyboards vs Electric Pianos: Which Is Better?
Despite the obvious similarities, electric keyboards and electric pianos bring their own unique features to the table. Piano enthusiasts know how frustrating it is to choose between the two. With that said, let’s tackle the difference between both and which is better for you.

Subtle Differences

Do you know that the difference between an electronic keyboard versus electronic piano isn't highly obvious? Some of their features overlap with one another, which is why breaking down the important categories can help you understand which is better for you. It's time we listen to the music in order to learn more.

Varied Numbers of Keys

When it comes to the number of keys, electronic pianos have 88 keys while electronic keyboards only have 61. These numbers may have you concluding that the piano is better, however, it's not always about the quantity. Consider other qualities too. Electronic keyboards have five octaves which make them perfect for portability and wide enough to handle two-handed playing styles that are learnable for beginners.

Distinct Sounds

Synthesizing piano sounds is the main goal of an electric piano. It has the ability to sound like a grand piano, bright piano, and more. On the other hand, electronic keyboard players benefit from their ability to synthesize not only piano sounds but also a variety of acoustic instruments such as bass, strings, and even an organ. It also can make more sounds than an electronic piano, isn't that sweet?

Diverse Prices

Well, prices are diverse depending on the unit you're going to purchase. But, between the electronic keyboards and electronic pianos, they have an almost similar price range. You can expect either instrument to cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000.

Unique Feels

Electronic pianos have a weighted feel, similar to acoustic pianos. Meanwhile, electronic keyboards provide touch-sensitive keys. Although electric keyboards are not weighted, you can expect brighter and louder sounds.

So, Which Is Better?

Electronic pianos are good instruments to hone your skills on the keys, but the electronic keyboards are way ahead of it. From beginners to experts, you’ll find more benefit of having a light-weighted instrument that offers a variety of sounds (you can even blend its sound with other instruments, too). A plus? It's one of the best pieces of equipment you can invest in your home studio as it's perfect for production and recording.

Have you already found the perfect keyboard for your recording collection? Let us know about it in the comments below!