Electric Guitar Bodies: The Differences Between Solid, Semi-hollow, and Hollow Bodies
Not all electric guitars are equal. Their characteristics vary and they all have their unique differences. And It all comes down to their bodies. Solid, semi-hollow, or hollow- tonality and playability depend almost entirely on this. Below are the major differences you'll find in each style. 
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Solid Bodies

A slightly longer sustain is what a solid body electric guitar promises. Solid bodies allow you to amplify sounds without risking any problems. They don’t see resonating chambers as a necessity yet, they rely largely on amplification. You’ll also be surprised at how they are more responsive to guitar effects.
Like this Cort KX100 Solid Body Electric Guitar, it emphasizes fewer frequencies which allow the audience to focus on less sonic resonance.

Semi-hollow Bodies 

If you look at hollow and semi-hollow bodies of electric guitars, you may notice how a semi-hollow is larger and cutouts are more distinguished. What’s on the inside is also important as they offer a warm tone and highly resonant sound. Semi-hollow guitars are also a good compromise because of how they handle amplification and give off a bright and punchy tone. The downside is on the feedback where most musicians' notes turn into constant loops.
Overall, a semi-hollow body is generally lighter than solid body guitars. If you're looking to shop semi-hollow guitars, check out this Guild Guitars Starfire I DC Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar.

Hollow Bodies 

Hollow-body guitars are the first choice for jazz musicians. Think: classic guitar tones. They incline more on acoustic sounds, and they can churn out high levels of feedback at medium volume. One of the main reasons why these hollow-body guitars are so loved is because of their warm tones. They also offer a massive amount of bass. It’s desirable for lower levels of sustain.
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Instruments can be the same if played right. With solid, hollow, and semi-hollow body options on the electric guitar, keep in mind that each one has beautiful playability. It just takes a little practice. If you want to see more of these electric guitars, shop our full collection here.