Creative Recording Techniques You Probably Didn't Know About


If you're here, you're probably wondering how the pros create amazing and creative music production. Is it all in the audio software they use? Or the top quality instruments they have? Well, yes, the software and instruments can add an impact on the production, but the outstanding content holds more techniques.

We're here to tell you more about the secrets to making your best and most unique recording.


Step 1: Get A Trash Mic

Besides having a microphone dedicated to capturing only the crisp sound of your instrument, you need a trash mic that captures the sound surrounding you. The benefits go to manipulation of the overall sound of any instrument in the final recording. It doesn’t capture the vibrations in the purest form but creates a lo-fi sound effect.

2: Make Incredible Sounds On Ordinary Objects

The podcast industry has grown over the past few years and planted different genres including storytelling and theatrical podcasts. This type of podcast needs a high-demand level of creativity to keep listeners engaged. Different scenes may need different sounds, and audio software can only accommodate so much. A creative technique is to use ordinary objects to create unique sounds. You can pop a balloon, drop nails onto a metal table, capture the ticking of a clock, etc.

3: Don’t Throw Away Your Crappy Instruments

Mix up the elements of your record using a crappy guitar, drum, or tambourine. Your broken instrument can add a grunge effect that you can’t download anywhere. Believe it or not, this is one of the techniques professionals use in creating a creative recording.

Bonus: Using your old and worn out instrument gives you brownie points for helping the environment!

4: Switch Up Your Sounds

Who says you need to go the conventional route when you do your recording? Unleash your experimental mind and play up the RAW sounds. You can mix, reverse, cut, or scramble all audio after which, rendering a unique recording. Of course, don’t forget to use reliable audio software that can help you release creative juices.

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