A Whole New World: Rediscover Outdoor Activities in 2021

By: Catherine Navarette

Give yourself a nice break from your usual home routine adapted from the pandemic. With proper social distancing, you can still feel the adventure even with this new social setup. Based on the report of BBC News, More than 860 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered in 165 countries worldwide. A new leaf is turning and there is hope yet, so get out and see it for yourself. 

Although at this time, there are still many countries who are not yet ready to go back to their lifestyle prior to the pandemic outbreak, it doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself and stay shut in. There are many safe activities that people of all ages can do in the outside world. 

Now more than ever we ought to show our Earth some love and appreciate nature for marching on. Here is a list of some things that you already know, but need to hear someone pushing you to do them. 



You can still enhance your fitness outside, perhaps even more so now with the way we've adapted to the virus. Simply distance yourself those 6 feet from other people, waving at your neighbors to let them know you’re still alive. Running in your neighborhood every morning and breathing in that fresh dewy air is a great way to start your day. (Pro tip: if you’ve always been too self conscious to run outside, now that we wear masks, you don’t have to!) 

Grab your mask, sanitizing products, ride your bike and get ready to discover new places in your town. We mean it with the utmost respect when we say, take a hike! Do not forget to take pictures as a souvenir!



Missing the summer vibes? Do not hold back when we say go outside safely! You can still experience the splash of enjoyment even during this challenging time. If you think that the water will spread more viruses, note that the pool in the water is completely fine!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that there is no concrete evidence that the COVID-19 virus can spread through the water in pools. Remember that pool water has chlorine and other chemicals that have the power to inactivate the virus. Resorts with proper pool operation that regulates safety protocols are safe to visit.


Backyard Camping

Ever heard of glamping? Glamorous camping: the tent without the bugs and quick access to your bathroom. It’s like the experience without the whole experience. 

Suppose you are hesitant to try the previous activities but still want to experience the fun activities outdoors. In that case, backyard camping is the perfect venture for you. Adults, teenagers, and especially the kids will surely enjoy this. You can still appreciate the beauty of the outside world without being exposed to other people. Staycation in your backyard is an incredible way to strengthen your relationship with your family and friends. Having a mini bonfire, eating s’mores, telling crazy stories, or just lying on the floor while looking at the magnificent stars at night will make you love the feeling of living in the real world outside your home. 

And as always, don’t forget to take pictures to remember the memories!



Consider this one a long term project, even self care. Those introverted people who do not want to socialize more often and those who find their inner peace in being alone should try to plant flowers and vegetables to start a mini garden. It is a long-term investment, but it will give you a majestic backyard scenery of your hard work in the long run. You will literally reap what you sow. 

Gardening became quite the trend in this pandemic. Many people, especially parents, started their planting journey. So, why not try it also? Start with one, low-maintenance plant, then branch out (haha) and try your hand at different flora and fauna. 


Social Bonding, Remixed

With the proper distance between each other, having fun with your groups of friends is possible. Go to Drive-in cinemas and watch trendy movies together, go to an open park, do yoga together, or organize home jamming sessions in open spaces. You can still see your friends after all. 

A park with few people is a great place to be safe while having fun. When was the last time you got to fly kites, wear roller skates, play hopscotch, play sports, or have a water balloon fight with your friends? Indulge your eyes with the aesthetic views of nature. Go fishing with friends or go on a hike to scream your hearts out at the peak of the mountain. 



Of course, we wouldn't be Photo Savings without encouraging you to capture beautiful moments. Not only that, but how about practice your photo taking skills on the most beautiful entity of all: Mother Nature? There is nothing like the great outdoors, so open your third eye, and see the world around you through a new lens, literally. 

Is Outdoor a Safe Place from COVID?

Absolutely! Remember that fresh air is actually more important than ever now, so don’t keep yourself locked up. You just need to follow the safety protocol, maintain social distance and wear a face mask when you do come near people. The outside world is still a safe environment to go to. Keep your adventurer’s spirit and explore many fun and amazing things outside your home.