A Deep Dive Into Podcast Recording With More Than One Mic


Are you getting bored with recording a podcast alone? Do you want to spice up your podcast channel with interviews and interaction with other podcasters? Here’s a deep dive into podcast recording with more than one mic.

First, you must upgrade some podcast gears to produce smooth audio. Recording two or more microphones at the same time is quite tricky. We bet you only have a USB microphone and a basic podcast recorder which isn’t enough for more than one mic.

Here are a few great options if you want to record two or more people in the room.

Option 1: Invest in Digital Recorder

The beauty of digital recorders is that you can dump a computer out of the whole process. Go for a Zoom PodTrak P4 or a Zoom H6 that lets you plug multiple XLR mics. These digital recorders work well with in-house or in-studio setups.

Incidentally, Zoom H6 has unmatched award-winning quality and versatility. You can record up to 6 independent tracks simultaneously. Zoom PodTrak P4 also is an excellent option as you can use it to record online calls while plugging in 4 XLR mics.

Option 2: Get USB Audio Interface

Another option is to take advantage of the simplicity of USB. You can purchase Focusrite Vocaster Two, that’s perfect for content creators. The raw sounds become pro-sounding with Auto Gain. You can plug in two XLR mics and two headphones with Bluetooth audio from your phone and laptop.

The Tascam Mixcast 4 is a podcast studio mixer that makes professional content creation easy. You can plug 4 XLR mics in the audio interface, including waveform editing and sound pad control.

Option 3: Use Computer Software

Computer audio software is the heart of modern recording technology. Multiple podcast recordings should have software that can handle the task, like Presonus AudioBox GO Ultra-compact. It’s simple, reliable, and portable, along with world-class features. 

Audio software with the PreSonus’ Studio One® Artist DAW is perfect for Mac and Windows. It’s a recording device that screams roadworthy and ready to travel.

Podcast Recording With Two or More Mics

Doing an interview or having a co-host is doable with these device upgrades. They are affordable, resilient, and high quality, which turns any podcast recording into sounding professional.

You can also check out our podcast collection if you want to do some microphone or headphones upgrade.