8 Unique Podcast Ideas to Stand Out in 2021

By. Catherine Navarette

Something new is waiting for you. Yes, you! The start of the summer is the best time to discover a new hobby that might bring a life-long journey to your new chapter. If you love listening to music, talk shows, interviews, and videos online. What's stopping you from starting your own career in the entertainment field?

The easiest way to start is by entering the world of Podcasts. In 2020, there were more than 155 million people who couldn’t get enough of listening to different podcast episodes per week. What number will this year bring?

Starting a Podcast

I know starting something isn’t easy at all but hey, you’ll never know unless you try it yourself. Thousands of people gain their confidence and courage to start their own shows. If they can do it, so can you. 

Getting a specific demographic is confusing at first if you don’t know your specialty to serve the people. Based on research, podcast listeners have seven different channels pinned to their phones every week. That means you have the advantage if you reached a set of people who has the same interest as yours.

Benefits of Starting a Podcast

Starting a Podcast has many benefits. It can help you to express yourself more. Connecting your vision with others has never been this easier. The best thing is you can let your audience reach you as well with the use of social platforms. It is a matter of indirect conversion that keeps your relationship with them. Monetizing your podcast is just the side benefit. 

How to Start a Podcast?

  • It all begins with yourself. Make sure you are motivated and ready to start the game. It takes guts to start a podcast, but you’ll reap what you sow. No matter what happens, just believe in yourself and have fun all throughout the process.
  • Get basic equipment. You’ll probably need a quality mic for starters. And some feasible audio recorders as well. Try not to overbuy since you’re just starting the podcast and you are still unsure of some things. Take your time experimenting with your equipment. 
  • Plan. What’s your interest? What do you like to be your subjects in your channel?

Still have no clue? Check out these must-try podcast ideas you surely love!



Autonomous sensory meridian response or what we call ASMR is today’s big hit. Not only it is therapeutic but it's become quite popular with many audiences. If you want to keep it simple as a beginner, ASMR is a great idea.

People felt a huge amount of calming sensation with the sound of the rain, paintbrushes moving swiftly, doing simple household chores, and even the sound of a person eating. People have a blissful feeling about ASMR by imagining those scenarios by audiovisual sensation. That is why ASMR is so trendy today.

Different AMSR creators cover a range of sensational triggers that can help their audience to relax and let their positive emotions all out. People with sleep problems often rely on ASMR to feel at ease.

You’ll need some quality microphones and gears to make a pleasing ASMR sound. Ribbon Microphones are useful for ASMR, especially if your foodcast channel is all about eating. These velocity microphones are great for moving objects even if the sound they made is subtle. These microphones have improved sensitivity and higher natural resonant frequency than others. 

It is also good for ASMR that aids in sleeping. Using this equipment with your hand recorder will make your audience want to turn on your podcast every single night.

Musical Session

The great thing about developing a hobby at a young age is that you can use them in the future. Not just to have fun and develop skills but also to make them your source of income. Doing your passion for music while earning with it is one of the best feelings ever!

Grab your guitar, keyboard, drum set, or any instrument you’ll have and start sharing your music with others. A good microphone and recorder for this set would be an AKG P220 large-diaphragm condenser mic paired with Tascam multitrack recorder. They have all you need to get great sound anywhere. 

For people who don’t like to be alone, invite your friends and harmonize together! Don’t forget to wear headphones to play and monitor your own instrument sounds with better tuning.

DJ Music

Speaking of musical sessions, why not try offering lively music? Many people love to keep moving while doing house chores after all. Plus, you’ll impress a lot of friends and family if you know how to play a DJ Controller.

Fashion Tips

Since we are still in the pandemic phase of COVID-19, many people can’t go outside to shop. They often opt for online shopping instead. With this new norm, it is hard to know what fashion styles to get. Why not be their fashion sensei by launching your own fashion podcast?

Since you’re moving around trying and describing different clothing styles, you will need a wireless microphone for that.


Tons of teenagers nowadays want to be a streamer. With the power of technology to enhance the gaming experience, social media has been the best platform to start a gaming podcast. The good news is, there are now USB microphones available in the market for easy plug-and-play scenarios.

Life Lessons

To tell you the truth, many young adults are secretly finding their source of life lessons that can help them someday. This is what millennials want to listen to. It’s your turn to inspire others! Grab your portable recorder so you can create content anywhere you go.

Sharing your experience, mistakes, and memories with your audience is a good way to connect to them personally even without seeing them in reality.

Meditation and Exercises

Watching exercise videos is harder than you thought. Since people have to execute the actions while watching the video for instruction, it will raise their stress level instead of enjoying the moment.

Be a podcast workout instructor to workout with them. By this, they can follow the sequence and count with ease. Yoga and meditation are also something to look out for. A microphone worn wireless is suitable for this kind of podcast.


If you’re comfortable going beyond your comfort zone. The best challenge to do is to explore other podcasters’ subjects. Try inviting someone and ask them about what leads them to be a podcaster, their demographics, techniques, and many more. 

These are just some ideas you can do in your podcast. Always remember that your podcast channel will someday be successful if you pick a subject you are passionate about. Also, have fun! After all, that is what podcasts are all about.