6 Ways To Connect With Your Mom Through Music

Fun fact: Your mom deserves the absolute best!

As mother's day approaches, how about doing something special for mom? Whether music is her passion or you only hear her sing in the kitchen, we are sharing 6 ways to connect with your mom through music this Mothers Day. Make this year a memorable one!


1. Sing Her Favorite Song

Besides whipping up a delicious breakfast on her special day, wake her up by singing her favorite song. It's not every day you do something special for her, and this is a gesture that your mom will forever remember. Create a precious moment that she'll cherish forever.


2. Have a Karaoke Night (and play the oldies!)

It's time to unwind and have fun with a karaoke night! This is an excellent experience for the whole family as well. Churn out oldies and sing along with your mom in a microphone that can handle both of your sweet voices. Go around taking turns on a duet with the queen of your household and share the fun experience with everyone.


3. Create a Sound Bath Together

A sound bath is when you and your mom meditate on sound waves. You can use instruments like rattles, chimes, gongs, and even your voices. Its benefits include increased well-being, relaxation, improved inner vibration, and promoted healing. Create on yourself or sign up at any yoga and meditation studio.


4. Learn a New Instrument Together

No one is too old to try playing an instrument or two. Do you know that our brains love it when we try out a new hobby or skill? That's a fact that can benefit you and your mom. For beginners, we recommend a guitar, keyboard, or drum.


5. Buy Her Concert Tickets

Surprise your mom with a date night concert by her favorite artist.A night out for some live music is always a great experience. Watch the queen's eyes light up when her favorite songs come on. It's always a good idea to book tickets days or even weeks before the said concert to score the best seat in the house.


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