5 Awesome Gifts for Aspiring Musicians

If you’re here, you must know someone who has talent and is passionate about music, but does not necessarily have the tools to start a musical career. For someone like this, theres no need for luxury. Keep your gifts simple while still letting them know of your support. Here’s a list of gifts for aspiring musicians. 

#1: Instrument Accessories

Whether this artist is playing the acoustic guitar, violin, or drums, there is probably one piece they are missing that can amplify their experience. From cables, to pedals, to instrument microphones, theres sure to be one small thing that will change the game. 

#2: Headphones

Artist have to find inspiration somewhere. Gift a pair of headphones so they can enjoy music anywhere they go. Different styled headphones will give an artist a completely different experience, so its best to make sure you understand how they will be using headphones and where. If they are traveling a lot, they'll probably need bluetooth headphones. Or, if they are in the studio and recording at home, some high quality closed back headphones might be best. 

#3: Recording Tools

Aspiring musicians need to record their original songs as samples for a record label. Having a recorder is handy as it saves your composition seamlessly. You can choose from portable digital recorders, multi-track recorders, and handheld recorders to help protect works as a musician. 

#4: DJ Equipment

In this age of social media, any artist has the ability to start a music career by posting online. The best way to become noticed on social media, besides having a catchy tune, is good lighting. Professional DJ lighting will make a music streaming performance memorable for the audience, giving it one level up from anyone else. 

#5: Speakers and Microphones

Speakers and a good microphone may be something an artist already has, but in this expanding world of technology, an upgrade is necessary every-so-often.

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