The 7 Best Gifts to Give New Guitarists

Holidays are just around the corner and by now, you're probably thinking of what to buy for your loved ones. If one of them is a guitar player, surprise them with all the gadgets they need to get their music career started! You can surprise your loved ones with the accessories they’ve been eyeing without breaking the bank! Read on to learn how.


 1. Guitar Effect Pedals

This is one of the guitar accessories that every guitarist has to have. Guitar effects can be categorized into about a half-dozen major categories, including gain-based effects like Distortion or Overdrive, Dynamics effects like Compression or Noise Gate, Pitch and Modulation effects for Chorus or Flanging, Spatial effects like Reverb or Delay (echo), the classic Wah Wah pedal (which sounds a lot like it's pronounced), Pitch Shifting pedals for harmony or transposition, and Multi-Effects pedals that encompass some or all of the effects listed above in one compact, programmable unit.


 2. Guitar Straps

A cool, new guitar strap, like Fender 2 Monogrammed Guitar Strap, can be a perfect gift for beginners.  Support your instrument in eye-catching comfort. This strap is fully adjustable from 31.5” to 58”, with a 2”-wide strap that is constructed with a durable polyester top layer and polypro backing to help prevent slipping. When choosing the strap, make sure the design is true to the taste of your guitarist. Make sure to scope all of the other guitar strap options we carry!


 3. Guitar cables

A guitar cable is another must-have for a beginning guitarist. It is important to get your music from instrument to amplifier without signal loss or RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). Choose different guitar cables from leading manufacturers like Fender and Mogami, the world's most respected and advanced cable manufacturers.


 4. Guitar Capo

A guitarist uses a capo to raise the pitch of a fretted instrument so they can play in a different key using the same fingerings as playing without a capo. One great option is the Ortega Guitars OCAPOCV-CR One Touch Adjustable Capo, which allows for quick placement with its "one touch" adjustability.


5. Complete Guitar Accessories Pack


This Alvarez Artist Guitar Accessory Pack is the perfect gift because it comes with several of the accessories we’ve already mentioned: a capo, a polish cloth, and tuner. The package includes the basic tools a player needs to help play better. The AT15 clip-on chromatic tuner helps you stay in tune and sound great while encouraging different tuning options. The AC15 Capo can help you explore different keys and playing options, or find the perfect key for vocal accompaniment. The pack also includes a microfiber cloth to help keep the instrument fingerprint free for the big stage.


6. Mini Amplifier


A mini amp will definitely thrill the guitarist in your life. The mini amplifier from the The AER Compact 60 rev.3 amplifier features an unbeatable combination of size, power, and sound quality. Nicknamed "Bingo," the Compact 60 is only 18lbs, making it one of the lightest acoustic amps on the market. It is perfect for pre-show warm-ups and top-quality practice sessions.


7. Guitar Stand

A perfect addition to any guitarist’s kit, this lightweight guitar stand folds easily making it a perfect travel companion.  It's designed to fit the acoustic, classic and electric guitar. The powerful stand ensures stability and will protect your guitar from damage. What’s more? The price of this stand is super affordable!


With this list of gift ideas for your favorite guitarist, make sure to purchase the items you like while they are still available. Whatever their goals, these accessories are a must-have!