Should You Be Buying Used Music Gear?


Here’s a quick answer: It depends, but mostly no. There are different music gear, and most of them need brand new. So here is a short guide on whether you should buy used equipment.

On Buying Used Music Instruments

If you’re buying your first guitar, drum set, or ukulele, it’s okay to purchase a preloved one. However, don’t expect it to sound smooth. There are some disadvantages to buying a used instrument, like limited choices, brittle quality, hidden damage, and a lack of warranty. 

Moreover, buying used musical instruments can only give you a limited learning experience. You need a brand new tool if you’re serious about becoming a rockstar or a pro, at the least. It’s always a great idea to be the first to own an instrument.

On Buying Used Audio Mixers

A second-hand audio mixer can give you a significant headache in the long run. You might think it saved you a lot of money, but down the line, it’ll most likely need repairs. In addition, distorted speakers, humming sound and lack of bass are common problems with old, used audio mixers.

The good news is, you dont have to spend a fortune for a quality mixer. We recommend the 1010music Bluebox Compact Digital Mixer & Recorder or Mackie Mix Series Mix8 8-Channel Mixer for affordable options.

On Buying Used Speakers

Speakers are one of the less risky electronics to buy second-hand. Nonetheless, you still need to check certain things with this one. First, it would help if you listened to the speaker individually in order to better grasp the overall sound coming from the speaker. It’ll be frustrating to buy a second-hand speaker only to find out it’s a mess.

What you can do is look for high-quality, affordable speakers (to be on the safe side). Then, talk to expert sellers on audio equipment who can guide you on your purchase.

On Buying Used Headphones

It’s not advisable to buy used headphones as the sound quality may have been defective. Also, headphone quality deteriorates over time, distorting the sound a bit, which is not great for recording purposes. 

Additional disadvantages of buying used headphones are an uncomfortable feel, terrible quality performance and constant issues. Buy brand-new headphones instead of looking for second-hand ones.

When it comes to pieces like vintage guitars or old pianos, quality and care matters. If you’re buying used instruments, be sure to routinely maintain your instruments to ensure longevity. 

Do you own used or vintage gear or instruments? Tell us about them in the comments below!