Back to School ESSENTIALS for Virtual Learning

 Typically this time of year, parents and students are scrambling to shop for pencils, papers, folders, notebooks and textbooks, but 2020 is hardly a normal year. It is the year of virtual learning for all schools that are kicking off with online education. Remote learning is now being implemented by institutions, requiring laptops, tablets and modules. While some kids need nothing more than headphones to listen to virtual classes on Zoom, others require just a stable Wi-Fi, pens and a quiet space to study and learn. 

We have come up with a list of tech essentials to prepare kids wherever they are, whether they’re learning in person or taking classes online from the comfort of their home. 


1. Headphones

To get clear audio and quality, students and teachers can both use a variety of headphones (which can be served as an alternative to headsets). You can also opt for in-ear headphones which are more compact and not too heavy when worn. The cool thing about headphones is that they're multi-purpose. You can use them both for learning and for leisure.


2. Smart Speakers 

More teachers are bringing smart speakers into the classrooms and integrating this device into their curriculum. Smart speakers connect to virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri and can help answer quick questions. You can stream music, surf the internet, plan your day, manages tasks, and control compatible smart home devices.  



3. Smartphone (Updated Models) 

A smartphone is a must-have for students and has become a necessity for all. It is an essential gadget to stay connected when at school, out of the house, or during socially-distant virtual meetings with friends. Photo Savings has several smartphones to choose from that have advanced functionality and technology.



4. Smartwatch

While smart phones are great for notifying us of calendar appointments, reminders, messages, emails, etc., smartwatches provide even more convenience. Because smartwatches are so compact and handy, they are the perfect accessory for on-the-go alerts and reminders. Our smartwatches allow you to add internet-connected apps for outdoor activities, download watchfaces, and enable notifications so you won’t have to worry about missing an important message. 


While distance learning is certainly a challenge, these tools should help any student adapt. Online communication is a top priority for a lot of us right now, and Photo Savings has the products and the discounts to help you make the most of it!