8 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and while restaurants and flower shops are being bombarded with orders and reservations, there are still tons of other options that can put a smile on your significant others' face. Whether your romantic connection is with a musician, an artist, a creative or just a fan of entertainment, Photo Savings has a plethora of gift ideas that will boost your holiday.

From earphones in hats and headbands, to wireless speakers and portable projectors, check out some of the best present options that are perfect for your significant other this Valentine's Day in the list below. 

Earebel's Earphones

Earebel carries a line of hats and headbands that contain earphones inside of the clothing. Listening to music can be just as much of a priority as staying warm this winter season whenever your significant other sports one of the brand's cozy items. The best part is that they have items for both men and women, coming in a range of colors such as pink, green, black, grey and many more.


Kohala's Tiki Ukuleles

We carry a range of different ukuleles, but one of the more popular brands would have to be Kohala and their Tiki and KT series. Not only are these mini guitars affordable for just about any budget, but they come in almost any color that you can imagine. From baby pink, lavender purple, royal blue, fire red and even a neon green, the options are endless for these appealing, decorative instruments that make the perfect, compact gift.

Audio Technica ATH-CKS550XiSRD Earphones

Audio-Technica prides themselves on providing high quality sound, and while some of their products can be a pricier investment, the CKS550XiSRD earphones is an ideal selection for those on a budget. Not only are these earphones affordable, but they come in a fiery red color to match the Valentine's Day theme. Making a perfect fit for any ears, these earphones also provide a remote playback control.

Sony SRSX2 NFC Wireless Speaker

Want to have more dance parties with your significant other in your house? Get them one of Sony's SRSX2 NFC speakers to make the magic happen. This portable item is compatible with Bluetooth devices, and even contains a speakerphone feature for answering calls seamlessly. Give your partner the gift of music and sound this Valentine's Day.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Turntable System

For lovers of the more dated styles of music-listening, the Audio-Technica ATLP60 Turntable is an excellent choice to give an old school feel on modern equipment. Just load up your favorite vinyl record, plug it in and put the needle on to get a sound that will light up any romantic setting.

Tascam TH-07 Studio Monitor Headphones

You can't go wrong by giving a sturdy, high quality pair of headphones as a gift to just about anyone. The Tascam TH-07 headphones are not only stylish with a sleek, black exterior, they provide the ultimate listening experience. Whether you have a casual listener as a partner, or a musician who needs these for recording sessions, these headphones are an easy gift choice.

LG Electronics PH300 LED Minibeam Projector

Have you ever wanted to bring a movie theater to your own home? With the LG Electronics Minibeam Projector, you can put up any video of your desire on the big screen. Connecting to computers, tablets and more devices, this projector will turn any night at home into a special date night with the hit of a button.

Don't wait until it's too late to get a gift for your loved one this Valentine's Day!