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Photography is the craftsmanship or routine of taking and handling photos. Anybody can be photographer if they have a proper tool for it. May it be a Camera or a Smartphone; people tend to capture more and more photos. Continuously we are retaining stunning photographs in our day to day lives through online Medias, this alertness keeps on driving the complexity and comprehension of what makes an incredible photo.

Photography is a continually developing type of art, and what is in style today may drop out of support tomorrow. All things considered, certain patterns simply decline to cease, as should be obvious from the way in which photographers continue to explore different avenues of adjusting Black and White photography. Due to the better quality of Smartphone’s and the less expensive accessibility of DSLRs, more people are turning towards photography. Obviously, a great Smartphone can change you into somebody who takes great selfies. However, the increase in the trend of photography occurred due to the simple access to cameras and photograph editing applications.

Below mentioned are some popular styles of photography:

  1.  Long Exposure Photography: This is also known as slow shutter photography which includes utilizing a long-length screen pace to strongly catch the stationary components of pictures while obscuring, spreading, blurring or darkening the moving components. It is generally used in landscape photography.

  2.  High Dynamic Range: A HDR picture is generally made by taking three photographs of the same scene, each at various screen speeds. The outcome is a splendid, medium or dark photograph, taking into account the measure of light that overcame the lens. A product procedure then consolidates all the photographs to convey subtle elements to the shadows and highlights both. This accomplishes the same errand in the last photo that the human eye can achieve on the scene.

  3. Wide Range Photography: It is also known as panoramic photography. It portrays the image considerably wider compared to the other photos confine in one exposure and it recounts a more intricate story and draws the viewer of the picture nearer to the sentiment what it resembled to be there.

  4.  Light Painting Photography: It is a photographic system in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long presentation photo, either to enlighten a subject or to sparkle a state of light straightforwardly at the camera, or by moving the camera itself. The method is utilized for investigative, creative and commercial photographs.

  5.  Infrared Photography: In infrared photography, the film or picture sensor utilized is delicate to infrared light. The part of the range utilized is alluded to as close infrared to recognize it from far-infrared, which is the domain of thermal imaging. Close infrared alludes to the range of light just beyond the reach people can distinguish with their vision. This light range is between 700 – 1200 nm.